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You will be able to use this guidebook again and again as you deepen your understanding of your own needs for optimum wellness.

This guidebook is designed to give you the basic knowledge upon which to build a strong foundation for your health and wellness.

Why should you give your body a jumpstart?

Imagine if you lived in a very small space. What would it be like if you could only remove 20% of the trash you brought in? What would it feel like to be in that space after a week? What about a month? Now imagine a year! How does it feel to be in that space now? This is how your cells feel when they cannot release waste.

Detoxing your cells will improve your ability to absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. It will also stabilize and improve your energy. This guidebook will teach you how to improve your health, increase your energy, and eliminate waste that causes disease, weight gain, and cravings.

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